View the FAQ’s below. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

You can initialise (reset) the clock to its default settings by holding down the middle button whilst plugging the power in. Hold it down until the display says “initialising” then let go of the button. Your clock will be reset to default settings.

Definitely contact us, however due to current manufacturing limits, I cannot supply a bulk amount of clocks.

Currently only natural wood type clocks are available. In the future I may offer some painted colours.

I am open to suggestions and happy to discuss custom requirements. However lead times and costs will need to be negotiated.

The randomness of the patterns is true. For the technically savvy, the seed of the random generator is manipulated with the value of the ambient light sensor. This ensures truly random pattern generation.

Each Tix clock is hand assembled and finished. This process takes time. The casings are CNC machined out of wood hand sanded, laser etched and then sealed with two coats of lacquer. Boards are assembled by hand and once the lacquer has hardened, each unit is then assembled out of the 10 individual pieces to make one clock.  As such it takes around 7 days to make each clock from start to finish.

However due to lead times and stock availability it can take a few weeks before the above process begins. During this time we will endeavour to keep you updated with the current state of progress.

Shipping anywhere in the world takes 3-20 days depending on the shipping option selected.

I am not affiliated in any way with the old Tix Clock design or Cube Root labs, the manufacturer of the original Tix clock.

I have however had quite a few enquires about faulty Tix Clocks, the blue LED’s being dim being the main fault. As such I am looking at making a replacement board that fits the original clock and that then also incorporates many of the features of Tix II, like full colour changing display, battery backed up time, domino and random modes etc.

Tix II allows the user to select how they want the time displayed, in 12 or 24 hour mode. The default is 24 hours. Note there is no AM/PM indicator on the front display.

Tix II does not ship with a power supply.  To keep compliance costs and requirements down it is made to be completely USB powered only.

Tix II is powered via a almost any USB power supply. This can be a PC or laptop, an old USB phone charger, or to be able to power anywhere – a USB power bank. Almost any Power supply with a USB style output will power the Tix II. It takes 5v and approximately 425ma depending on the brightness of the display, colours and time currently being displayed.

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